Ever desireless one can see the mystery

Ever desiring one can see the manifestations


http://america.post911timeline.org/ Emperors uphold censorship, But extreme repression leads to extreme reaction. Individualists believe in freedom, But […]


“The pattern, and it alone, brings into being and causes to pass away and confers purpose, […]

Happy New Year!

May you all have a safe New Year’s Eve and a blessed New Year. I’m sure […]

The Tao of the Self — Eleven

Join thirty spokes to share one hub; The center hole is just as useful to make […]

The Tao of the Self — Ten

Carrying your spirit, embracing your body, mind and soul, Are you able to live without separating […]

Writer (repost from 2005)

“Lady Writing a Letter with Her Maid,” by Jan Vermeer She withdrew into herself, First writing […]

Annoyances and Irritations

The light of the soul is bright, but dense clouds of human ignorance obscure it. Where […]

The Tao of the Self — Nine

There’s no point pouring more into your cup when it is already full. If you oversharpen […]

The Mind of Absolute Trust

The Mind of Absolute Trust by Sen-ts’an (Stephen Mitchell translation) The great way isn’t difficult for […]

The Tao of the Self — Eight

The easiest way to be yourself is simply to flow like water. Water flows easily and […]