Donna Woodka Resume

Donna Woodka resume

Contact: email donna-at-woodka-dot-com

What I do: Organizational Development and Small Business Consulting, Software Quality Assurance, Software Process Improvement, and Strategic Business Process Improvement and Planning. My interests include: improving software process and quality, improving product development capability, developing strategies for working with emerging technologies, risk management of new product development, developing “learning” organizations that align the software group’s interests with business development to produce high-quality software.

Things I’ve done:
20+ years of Computer Science and Software Engineering Programming and management. Software development and process improvement consulting specialist since 1988, developing specifications, system design, coding and integration, and software quality assurance to meet Capability Maturity Model (CMM) and ISO standards.

Management: MBA May 1994.
Experience in project management, quality assurance management, technical and financial program planning, proposal writing, strategic planning and business plan development, business start- ups.

Marketing: Experience in developing and implementing strategic marketing plans. Competitive analysis, market share studies, determining competitive “niche”, new product development, advertising and sales campaigns.

Consulting experience:

Consulting experience 1988-present: Consulting activities vary with each client, and include (most recent experience listed first):

Sony Digital Processing of America, San Diego, CA. Performed audits of existing software development processes to CMM level 3 and ISO 9001:2000 standards. Implemented a software process improvement program to correct process deficiencies and bring software processes to CMM level 3. Consulted with development group to rewrite ISO process descriptions to reflect new development methodologies.

ViaSat, San Diego, CA. Software Quality Assurance. Created a new SQA function within
ViaSat, staffing new SQA department. Created SQA policy and procedures at corporate level. Led
corporate effort to comply with Boeing Quality Management System, an AS9100-plus compliant system. Boeing BQMS audit requirements were met within 2 months of receiving Boeing’s findings.

Performed SQA for the Boeing Connexions project, a major new program designed to provide
in-flight Internet services via satellite. Initial $10 million ViaSat contract with $40-$250 million
potential for the ViaSat corporation required SQA to be a key component. Future Boeing contracts also dependent on BQMS certification, helped to create millions of dollars in revenue. Analyzed existing software development policies and worked to help create a Software Engineering Process Group (SEPG) to improve corporate-wide software development process and procedures. Created new business processes and procedures with ISO 9001 coordinator and Quality Department to improve overall corporate quality procedures and practices in areas including Configuration Management, Purchasing, Contracts, Engineering, and Manufacturing. Performed SQA for six other major projects.

Performed audit of ViaSat QA process and procedures against ISO 9001 and Boeing BQMS
standards. Developed Software Quality Assurance process and procedures to bring
ViaSat into compliance with ISO 9001 and Boeing BQMS standards, as well as DATC-DO/178B
standard., San Diego, CA. Software Process Improvement
Consultant. Assessed current software development practices, suggested process
improvements, organized process improvement working groups, and developed a
software process improvement plan.

iXL, San Diego, CA. Quality Assurance Manager. Created new QA department,
developed QA policies and procedures and performed QA and testing for several major web site launches.
Implemented defect tracking policies and procedures, interfaced with project management and engineering
teams to effectively turn out high quality web sites on extremely short timelines.
Developed the QA role within the company to include QA involvement within every phase of project design and development.

Marketing and Web Development for the Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA) at the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC).

Marketing and sales development for WANet Internet Services, a San Diego based Internet Service Provider. Increased customer base by for WANet by 25% and improved sales and
marketing materials and procedures. Implemented more customer-friendly business operations and extended customer service operations.

Emerson & Stern Associates, San Diego, CA. Project Management and Development for Write This Way LD, a Macintosh and Apple word processing program designed to assist
learning disabled students with writing skills. Coordinated software development and quality
assurance for Apple and Macintosh versions, developed Macintosh port of software and Mac user interface using MAC toolbox and ‘C’.

Home Federal, San Diego, CA. Knowledge Based Systems Development for Emerging
Technologies Department. Developed a Mortgage Lending expert system on IBM PCs and compatibles under MSDOS. Supported integration of the Knowledge Base with related database, communication, and user front-end programs, performed Knowledge Acquisition from experts in the mortgage lending field, and performed Knowledge Verification and testing of the expert system. Developed integration and testing programs.

Cogensys Corp., La Jolla, CA. Software Development and
Quality Assurance Management. Developed software in ‘C’ on Sun workstations and IBM PCs for the Cogensys judgment processing product. Took responsibility for Quality Assurance of all software, developed QA manager position and new department. Implemented code reviews, standard testbeds, regression testing, automated testing procedures, formal system for bug reports and software changes.

FULL TIME EXPERIENCE (prior to consulting):

8/86 to 6/88: Logicon, OSD., San Diego, CA. Computer Scientist. Designed specifications for a multiple host mail and query system for use on a secure operating system; Systems specifications for a secure data transmission link for the Air Force Strategic
Air Command; Analysis of alternative security architectures for the design of this link; Development of a Guard Alternative for the Ocean Surveillance Information System (OSIS) Baseline Subsystem (OBS) Security Countermeasures Analysis; Supporting OSD proposal efforts. Familiar with computer security and OrangeBook, UNIX tm Operating system, “C” programming.

1/84 to 7/86: Verac, Incorporated, San
Diego, CA. Computer Scientist for the C3I Department.
Designed and developed Artificial Intelligence programs in LISP for Navy intelligence
applications. Symbolics workstations using object-oriented programming.
Applications included correlation of ocean surveillance information, ship and submarine tracking, and simulation of operational exercises.

6/81 to 12/83: Honeywell Large Computer Products Division,
Phoenix, AZ. (Now Bull Systems) Member of Honeywell’s Advanced Engineering Program. Rotating work assignments and graduate level courses.
Assignments included: Developed a technical and financial study to determine R&D priorities to apply VLSI technology to Honeywell’s I/O subsystem. This project led to a successful multi-million dollar development effort. Designed and developed a circuit analysis program to analyze logic networks, leading to thousands of dollars in cost savings for the organization; Relational Database Management System Design for the Multics Relational Data Store DBMS; Converted TTL logic circuits to gate array CMLusing CAD tools and CALMA systems.

Freelance Writing. Author of _The
Internet for Girls: Encouraging Girls in Technology, Mathematics, and Science_
(see “OnLine San Diego” columnist for
magazine. (some past columns also available at the above URL).


MBA May 1994, University of San Diego, GPA
3.8 of 4.0. Specializing in New Venture Management, Quality Management, and
International Management.

Product Management Courses through UCSD Extension
program 1985-1986. GPA 4.0 of 4.0.

Computer Science Graduate Program, Arizona
State University, GPA 4.0 of 4.0 for 33 hours 1983.

Bachelor of Science in
Computer Science Engineering, Arizona State University, May 15, 1981. Graduated
Magna Cum Laude, GPA 3.66 of 4.0.

Professional Affiliations: Member American Society for
Quality Control (ASQC). USD and ASU Alumni Associations. American Red Cross volunteer. Pet therapy work with Therapy Dogs International.