Ever desireless one can see the mystery

Ever desiring one can see the manifestations

rainy saturday

Rain returns today – light so far but with promises of heavier rains later on today, […]

Another beautiful San Diego day.

Another beautiful San Diego day. The roses are almost ready to go. The daffodils are finishing […]


Had a wonderful salmon lunch with a friend today – it was delicious! The tropical salsa […]


March is bringing a gentle breeze in today, with a lot of sunshine. The roses are […]

Furry Friday

Well, it’s Friday, and I’m feeling a bit furry. Just kind of fuzzed out and out […]

not a good day…

It’s not the best of days. I feel very unsettled and am having a difficult time […]

blue skies

Blue skies today, maybe warmer. It looks good, anyway. Can’t wait for the garden to take […]

still cold

Still cold and a bit gray in San Diego today. So is my mood. The chill […]

Gray Monday

Back to cold and gray weather for Monday. This has set my mood back quite a […]

In Like a Lion

Spring is Here – March is roaring in like a Lion, with gusty breezes, sunshine, and […]