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Cool Loneliness

I first discovered this article in May of 2003. I did a search on my posts […]

Geek Meditation

Via CharityFocus. Which also gives us this valuable lesson for the day on giving time instead […]

The Myth of Success and My Creative Process

It’s so cool when people get it….. Be Alive Believe Be You : The Myth of […]


In his Statement to Disorders Inquiry Committee January 5, 1920 (The Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi […]

This is more like it!

Our high is forecast at 88 today – 20 degrees cooler than two days ago. Ah. […]

Introduction to The Hedonistic Imperative

Whoa. There are people out there who are crazier than I am! Cool. Introduction to The […]

the corner in which the ultimate mystery of things…

As hard as Krista’s work is, I’m glad she is so devoted to it. We need […]


Via I can has cheezburger


Who are we, not to shine? — Nelson Mandela All of us have experienced moments of […]


As we remember, relaxation is very important!