Month: September 2007

My idiot representative – damn it all

Duncan can’t even protect his website – how could he protect the country ?!?! Can’t this […]


About the picture – this is part of my artistic evolution, which really goes back to […]

The President's Analyst

Talking Points Memo “I don’t have the time, the energy or the inclination to psychoanalyze the […]

Cheney to address secret group

Why can’t conservatives be honest about what they are doing? What are we not supposed to […]

Pay Attention

This is an old article, but these last few paragraphs intrigued me. My kids have no […]


Via Neatorama Someone has gone and mounted a birdcage inside a fishtank, do you call it […]


We have two basic choices when trying to resolve any conflict within a relationship: persuasion or […]


May bodhichitta, precious and sublime, Arise where it has not yet come to be; And where […]


Oh you must go read the whole thing. I love this woman, she’s crazier than I […]

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