Ever desireless one can see the mystery

Ever desiring one can see the manifestations

The Tao of the Self — Seven

We think of Heaven as eternal And Earth as lasting a very long time. Why do […]

The Tao of the Self — Six

The Valley of Flowers, in northern India’s state of Uttarakhand Be open and empty, like a […]

The Tao of the Self — Five

The universe is impartial; It doesn’t take sides. Sometimes it is wise to be impartial; And […]

The Tao of the Self — Four

Empty Vessel, Marilyn Coon If you imagine yourself as an empty vessel, you can be used, […]

The Tao of the Self — Three

Not bragging about your talents prevents quarreling. Not having extravagant things prevents stealing. Not desiring other […]

The Tao of the Self — Two

Anyone can see you are beautiful If they see others as ugly. Anyone can see you […]

The Tao of the Self – One

The things we can express about ourselves are not who were are. Your name is only […]

Hide and seek

Today’s lessons: In this divine game of hide-and-seek stop pretending there is any place to hide. […]

Today's Lessons

Get up and do something first thing in the day. Be active. Be motivated by love. […]